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‘Thoughless Sounds’ launches in August

Max on Music (Oct 2011):

“…I remember the moment I realized I wanted to interpret life in song, and since then, I’ve just been writing and singing my songs to the world. I studied Psychology because I wanted to try to know more about the human condition, and write about it. I have deep love for stories. It’s what we’re all interested in, right? You know: Who’s that?, What happened? Where were you?, Who am I? We struggle each day to try and answer these questions, and, if we’re lucky, for one moment we can celebrate the awesomeness of our lives and share the same existence. That’s why I write songs. For that one split second when groups of people are singing together, and it seems like the whole world is in that one moment. I have tried to create that wonderful rollercoaster of life in my break-out album “Thoughtless Sounds”—through the eclectic songs and unique ensembles that support the 38-minute listening experience. And, when it comes down to it, isn’t that all we’re all looking for? A nice, genuine, entertaining, and celebratory experience? That’s what I’ve tried to do with “Thoughtless Sounds,” and I hope you all enjoy!”


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